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9 Exciting and Creative Easter Egg Activities That Your Kids Will Enjoy

My family and I love celebrating Easter and all its traditions. Gathering together for Easter brunch, Easter parades, egg basket openings, and egg hunts are a ton of fun for us! If you want to make Easter even more exciting in 2023, you might need a few egg-cellent ideas.

For this blog, I have put together a list of egg-related ideas for you and your kids to enjoy this Spring. Some of these Easter egg activities can get a little messy, but your kids are sure to have a blast celebrating with you and getting creative with egg-themed activities.

Top Nine Easter Egg Activities For Kids:

1. Unique Easter Egg Hunts

Easter egg hunts are one of my kid's favorite Easter activities. There are so many different and unique ways you can set up your egg hunt and get your kids really invested in this activity.

One fun way I’ve started doing egg hunts is with glow sticks. You just place a glow stick in the egg and have your kids search for glowing eggs at night.

Another idea you can try out is Easter egg tokens. Put tokens or slips of paper in the egg that can be redeemed for real-life prizes and rewards. These are just a couple of ideas I’ve tried out, but if you want more ideas check out this link.

2. Kid Friendly Easter Egg Crafts

There are tons of amazing Easter egg crafts you can make with your kids. Some of these arts and crafts can get on the messy side as I mentioned. Your kids can flex their creative muscles and spend a little time with you doing some of these craft ideas I’ll include below.

Kid Friendly Easter Egg Ideas:

  • Egg Carton Chicks/Bunny

  • Pipe Cleaner Easter Eggs

  • Easter Egg Crayons

  • Speckled Plastic Egg Crafts

  • Pasta Easter Eggs

  • Glitter Easter Eggs

These are just a few ideas you can try out with your kids. Feel free to get as creative as you can as you spend the afternoon doing crafts!

3. Egg Themed Baking

Everyone loves eating Easter food. Best of all you can make some delicious egg-themed foods with your kids this spring. Some easy Easter egg-shaped foods you can try baking could include rice crispy treats formed into eggs, Easter egg-themed cake pops, easter egg cookies, and brownies topped with easter egg sprinkles and decorations.

4. Decorate Easter Eggs

Like the Easter Egg hunt, decorating Easter eggs is a classic tradition for my family. There are so many ways your kids can make their Easter eggs look vibrant and spring-like. Dyeing eggs is definitely an experience, but if you want some less messy ideas, I suggest using washable paint to decorate your eggs with your kids. Your kids can even use markers and paper to customize their Easter egg projects.

5. Egg Scooping Game

For younger kids that are still learning motor skills, try out this fun and simple game. Get a large plastic bucket or bin. Then place plastic eggs and water in the bin.

Get a ladle or some other safe scooping tool for your kids, then have them scoop out eggs. You can make this a timed event and have your kids compete to scoop out eggs if they are older and want to make this activity more entertaining.

6. Salt-Dough Easter Eggs

Another fun part of Easter is the decorations! I love hanging up Easter egg-themed things around the house. You can get your kids more involved with decorating this year with this fun but simple craft. All you need is flour, salt, and water.

Mix these ingredients and knead them into a dough for ten minutes. Then cut the dough into an egg shape and check on them in the oven periodically. Check on the dough periodically to make sure the eggs don’t burn. Then let them cool. Afterward, you can get out your craft supplies and decorate the eggs. I suggest using ribbons or colorful string to hang them around the house.

7. Easter Egg Memory Game

Get some colorful plastic Easter eggs, and your favorite brand of jelly beans, and gather your kids in the living room for this fun game. Create three rows of jelly beans, and let your kids look at where the jelly beans are and what colors are being put down.

Then put the eggs on top of the jelly beans. This is where their memory will be tested. If they can find matching jelly beans of the same color, give them a prize.

8. Easter Egg Roll Race

For this active, but kid friendly Easter egg activity, your family can use the Easter eggs they decorated or plain eggs if they want to keep their egg creations safe! Get multiple big spoons too or some other object that can roll your eggs. Then go outside with your whole family and enjoy the fresh air as you and your kids try to get your egg to the finish line first.

9. Egg Relay Race

If you don’t want to bend down and chase an egg with a spoon, try out this other outdoor Easter activity. Instead of rolling eggs with a big spoon, get a much smaller spoon for your race. Make a finish line, then get ready to race. Your kids will have a ton of fun as they compete against each other and you to balance their eggs and get to the finish line before everyone else!

Final Thoughts on Easter Egg Activities

I’ve included some of my favorite Easter egg activities for you. Again, there is so much you can do with your kids this Easter, and you are only limited by your creativity and excitement for these activities. Think about asking your kids what other egg-related activities they can come up with. If you have any fun Easter traditions or Easter egg activities to share, write a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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