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Best Gift Ideas For Teacher Appreciation Week 2023

Updated: May 8, 2023

Teacher appreciation week is almost here! From May 8th to May 12th we have the chance to thank our teachers for all the hard work they do in our kid's classrooms. In my opinion, five days isn’t enough to celebrate all the wonderful things our teachers do to help our kids grow and develop inside and outside the classroom. Getting a teacher a meaningful and unique gift is a great start, though!

If you are looking for the perfect teacher appreciation gift, I’ve got you covered. I know it isn’t easy finding a gift that will be useful and appreciated. Over the years, teachers get many gifts and items from students and parents. So, you want to get them something that they will really love and use.

Why Teachers Are So Important

Personally, I believe that teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world. I come from a family full of educators. At an early age, I was taught that education is the foundation of a successful life and without teachers, our kids won’t be able to learn crucial skills and information that will help them have a bright future.

As parents, we definitely have a lot to show our kids, but teachers take our kid's education to the next level. They nurture kids’ minds day in and day out, helping them hone in on important learning milestones and preparing them for our fast-paced and competitive world.

More importantly, these superheroes teach our kids to be creative, curious and eager to learn more. This way they can grow and learn how to be their unique selves. Really, teachers encourage kids to work hard towards their goals and reach for their dreams. What could be more important than that?

Top Gift Ideas For Teacher Appreciation Week:

There are so many options you can go with for teacher appreciation week in 2023. In truth, teachers will love almost any gift they get from a student and their parents. If you want to make your gift extra special for a teacher read through this list for ideas and tips!

1. Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards are one of the best gifts for teachers! Not only is this an easy gifting option, as these cards are found in virtually every grocery and retail store, but Amazon cards can be used for all kinds of purchases. Teachers can buy things for their classroom or they can choose something else that they really like. There is a lot of variety with this gift and teachers will definitely love this!

2. Stem Activities For Kids

Many teachers spend money out of pocket to help improve their students’ classroom experience. You might not realize it but some teachers are even dishing out thousands of dollars on school supplies and extra activities to make learning more fun and exciting. This is just another reason why we need to be thanking our teachers and helping them out!

There are tons of options out there for school supplies and other classroom items, but stem activities is one gift that can be great for teachers. These games and craft projects are stimulating and educational. They also encourage kids to learn more about science! Here are some of the best stem activity kits according to experts.

3. Children’s Books

You can never go wrong with books. Teachers love sharing knowledge and stories with their students. While they will always appreciate any thoughtful gifts you give, instead of a mug, keychain, or something else they might not use in a few years, it’s much better to give them books.

Teachers can never have too many books in a classroom, and you know this gift will be used for a long time to help other kids learn and develop a love for reading!

4. Gift Card Tree

If you want to get a teacher a more personal gift, but don’t know exactly what they want, try making them a gift card tree. Your kids can help make the tree with paper and crafting supplies. Then just attach gift cards to their teachers’ favorite restaurants and clothing stores. You can also include gift cards for the movies and other fun activities you know they like.

5. Personalized Gift Items

Another option for teacher appreciation week is personalized gift items. Most people think of mugs and keychains with a teacher's name. You can get a lot more creative than that and give them something that will be way more thoughtful and useful! Shutterfly and other websites allow you to make tons of great personal gifts.

This includes personalized candles, bags, jewelry, and stationery. You can even get them notebooks and notepads with their name, which is great for the classroom.

6. Wish List Items

Finally, if you want to make sure you are getting the right gift for your kid's teachers check out their wish list. As I mentioned before, many teachers are spending their own money to make classrooms better. You can help them out with this effort during teacher appreciation week.

Recently, teachers have been putting their items on a wish list and sharing them so parents can help them buy classroom supplies and other necessary supplies. This is one of the most effective ways to show your thanks to a teacher and you know that your gift is needed and useful if you buy it directly from a wish list.

Final Thoughts on Teacher Appreciation Week

A good teacher can be remembered for a lifetime. That’s why I think it’s crucial we show our appreciation for teachers during this time of the year. There are so many great ways we can show our appreciation, but with a memorable gift, you can help teachers feel loved and seen for all the hard work they do as they care for our children and help them along their educational path.

I included some easy but meaningful gift ideas to get you started. If you have your own gift ideas, though, feel free to share them below in the comments!

Update - May 7, 2023

Please see the following Amazon links for ideas on what to purchase for your teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week 2023:

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