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Fun Summer Day Trips For Families With Kids

With the school year coming to a close, it’s time to make summer plans for you and your kids! Summer is the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories and spend some quality time with your whole family. That’s why I’m planning some exciting day trips this summer!

Lengthy vacations, summer camps, and other long-term activities are definitely great ways to keep your kids preoccupied while they are off from school, but I suggest having some other options available for your kids over summer break.

Not only are day trips easier to plan, but you have a range of options to choose from, and plenty of ways to fill up your kid's schedule during those hot summer days. You might not know what you want to do yet, though, so I’ve included some of my ideas for fun summer day trips below. These choices will help your kids make the most of the summer and will keep you entertained as you enjoy the great weather with your family!

Best Summer Day Trips For Families:

1. Visit a Science Center or Museum

Learning doesn’t have to end once school lets out! In fact, there are tons of fun ways you can educate your kids during their break. Visiting a nearby science center or museum is one option for your day trip. These learning centers are great for kids that are curious about science, history, and culture. They usually have interactive tours and activities that will keep your kids entertained!

Depending on where you live, your options might be a little limited. If you are willing to make a day trip out of this, your kids will learn a lot and get to see some amazing exhibits!

2. Take a Hiking Trip

While some days might be better spent indoors out of the heat, you might want to take the chance to enjoy the sunny weather. After you visit a science center or museum, I suggest planning another day trip to a local hiking trail. Physical activity is great for kids and works as the perfect outlet for all their energy and excitement.

I love hiking with my family, but I always make sure I’m prepared ahead of time! Hikes can be a lot of fun, but you need to have snacks, drinks, and hiking gear with you to make sure your trip goes smoothly. Also, check the difficulty of the hiking trail you are taking. Your kids will get tired fast if you go on a trail that’s too difficult.

3. Spend the Day at the Park

If your kids are too young for a hike, or you just want to spend a relaxing day in nature, do some research and see what local parks are nearby. There are all kinds of fun outdoor activities you can do at the park with your kids! I love setting up for a picnic and bringing our favorite foods and beverages for a nice outing.

This is an ideal summer day trip in my opinion, and your kids can also bring along outdoor toys like frisbees, bubbles, and soccer balls. If you're feeling up to it, also think about driving out to a national park if there is one near you. These larger parks are some of the best ways to enjoy nature during the summer and get your family out of your house.

4. Roller Skating

My kids love roller skating! It is a classic summer activity and this is another way to keep your kids active during the long summer months. Rolling skating is pretty inexpensive and your kids will have a blast speeding around the rolling rink. This activity is also a great exercise for kids and will keep them fit and happy while they are off from school.

You can look up local roller skating rinks in your area. If you want, you can even buy your kids a pair of roller skates and skate around your neighborhood together if you can’t find a rink nearby.

5. Visit a Nearby Amusement Park

For an extra fun day, make a day trip to a nearby amusement park! Personally, I think amusement parks are one of the best ways to enjoy summer with your kids. There are tons of things to do and your kids will definitely remember the time you spend riding roller coasters and exploring the park.

I know the lines can get long for rides and walking around can get tiring, but your kids will love spending the day at an amusement park! Some options could include Six Flags, Disney World, Busch Gardens, and other local amusement parks. Do some research to see which parks fit your budget and location.

6. Go to a Farmer's Market

Kids will love the farmer's market. Not only is this a chance to teach them about farming and local produce, but they can eat delicious natural food that is grown right in your area! Farmers' markets are full of variety and your kids can help you shop for fresh ingredients. This could include seasonal fruits and veggies along with tasty baked goods!

When I go to the farmers market with my family, I like to take a look at everything and get my kids involved. Sometimes we even plan what meals we will make with the ingredients we buy at the market.

Depending on where you live, the farmers market in your area might have hand-crafted jewelry, art, live music, and even activities for kids. Again, look online to see what is available in your town or city.

7. Visit Family Entertainment Centers

Finally, if you want to go somewhere that is specifically made for kids and families, I highly recommend family entertainment centers. Family entertainment centers include a range of fun and safe activities that will keep your whole family entertained during a day trip.

They usually have arcades, mini golf, rock climbing walls, indoor rides, trampolines, playgrounds, and other indoor and outdoor activities for kids. It can be hard choosing one thing to do for your trip, that’s why I love going to these centers with my kids. There is tons of variety and kids can choose what they want to do!

Final Thoughts on Summer Day Trips

Sometimes, we don’t know what to do with our kids when they are out of school. With their abundance of energy, it can be tempting to let our kids watch tv or use technology to keep them happy. However, I think summer is a great opportunity for us to spend time with our kids and help them learn and explore the world around them.

The day trips I mentioned above should help you jumpstart your summer. If you have any other ideas you’d like to share, please comment below. I would love to hear from you about your summer day trips!

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May 29, 2023

Excellent recommendations. I usually prefer spending time with kids at the park so that they can understand the importance of outdoor games and not waste time watching screens.


May 28, 2023

Great recommendations! I did the hiking day trip yesterday and it‘s such a good way to promote spending time outside.


May 28, 2023

A few of these are already on our summer bucket list!


May 28, 2023

Great ideas!


May 28, 2023

These are all really fun ideas!

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