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How to Plan For Spring Break 2023: Affordable Spring Break Ideas Your Whole Family Will Enjoy!

I know just how stressful it is planning activities and trips for your kids during Spring Break, especially if you’re on a budget. Luckily, I’ll be sharing my affordable Spring Break ideas with you today.

Spring Break 2023 doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, your family can have a lot of fun on a budget. Keep reading to find out how you can save money and give your kids a Spring Break they won’t forget.

Top 10 Ideas for Spring Break 2023:

I’ve come up with ten ideas that are sure to be a hit with your family. We all have different budgets to take into account, but with my list, you can see what affordable options are available to you this Spring Break 2023!

1. Drive-Thru Safari

Drive-thru safaris are a great way to liven up your kids' Spring Break. This option is great if you want to avoid large crowds. Best of all, you can take a fun adventure with your whole family. These safaris allow kids to learn more about wildlife and they are able to safely see these animals in a beautiful natural setting.

I suggest looking up drive-thru safaris in your local area. Then, plan to make this a day trip. You’ll want to book reservations in advance and bring along any snacks and supplies you need. The safari should take around an hour to drive through. You can look at some popular drive-thru safari options here.

2. Visit State Parks

If you want to go directly into nature with your kids, why not visit a State Park? State parks are another fun way to spend Spring Break with the whole family. There are so many different things you can do when you visit one of these locations.

My family and I love to hike and ride bikes. You can also bring along food for a relaxing picnic or just enjoy the beautiful views at your own pace.

Some national parks I suggest visiting are listed at this link here. There are tons of breathtaking state parks you can go to with your family. If you’re on a budget, though, you probably want to stay in your state.

3. Go On a Road Trip

You can save a lot of money on travel expenses by driving to a Spring Break destination. While planes are definitely more convenient, consider taking a road trip to make your Spring Break more budget-friendly.

You’ll have to plan out your route and destinations ahead of time to make this all work out. There’s no reason you and your family can’t enjoy spending time together on a classic Spring Break road trip this year!

4. Treat Your Family to a Delicious Local Meal

Spring Break doesn’t have to be extravagant. In fact, you can treat your family right in your local area and make lasting memories. I know a trip to a faraway location is exciting, but if you want to save money, you might have to stay close to home. There are tons of things you can do locally with your kids.

For instance, you can take your family out to a new restaurant or food location. Try out exciting dishes and cuisines that you’ve never had. You can create your very own culinary adventure with your kids!

5. Go to The Library or a Local Bookstore

Reading might not seem like an exciting way to spend Spring Break. However, this is the perfect time to ignite your kid's passion for books. Take a trip to the library or your local bookstore while your kids are on break.

In this digital age, it's hard to keep kids interested in paperback books. If you take the time to read stories and show your kids how fun reading can be they could turn into lifelong book readers!

6. Plan a Spa Day At Home

After your Spring Break trip, I highly suggest planning a spa day at home. You can also do this if you don’t plan on going to any special destinations this year. Spa days are a great way to relax and unwind and you can include your family in this special activity. It’s good to teach your kids how to destress too.

A spa day can include face masks, DIY hair treatments, pedicures, meditation, and other spa-like activities.

7. Set Up a Campsite Right in Your Backyard

Buy a tent or borrow one from a friend or family member. Then, you can have your own campsite right in your backyard. Kids will love making smores, looking at the stars, and even starting a campfire. There are so many different camping activities to try out.

A backyard campground can get a little hectic. With the right camping gear and planning you can make your backyard into a Spring Break getaway for the whole family!

8. Have a Family Movie Night

Movie night is another indoor activity that is perfect for Spring Break. Sit back and watch some of your favorite family-friendly movies with your kids while they are off from school. You can make this into a whole event and include fun snacks and decorations.

My kids and I definitely have our own favorite movies we like to watch together, but if you need some ideas I’ve found a great list of movies for kids here.

9. Plan a Vacation at a Budget Spring Break Destination

Like most parents, you’re probably wondering what Spring Break destinations will cost less money. There are some amazing Spring Break locations for families that can’t go all out this year. I found this great list of budget destinations on the Travel Channel.

Check these options out, and plan on setting and sticking to your budget if you want to travel for Spring Break with your kids!

10. Inspire Your Kids to Try a New Hobby

Finally, my last idea for an amazing Spring Break in 2023 involves inspiring your kids. Going to new cities, restaurants, and other locations are definite ways to make your family's Spring Break memorable. However, I think spending time with your kids and nurturing their creativity and passions is equally important.

Our kids have so much potential, and when they are out of school this could be your chance to introduce or get them into new hobbies. This could include art projects, sports, music, and other things that catch their interest.

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