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Preparing For Baseball Season 2023: Baseball Essentials For a Day At The Ballpark

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Preparing your kids for baseball season can bring a lot of excitement to the new year, but you also want to make sure that you have everything you need for practices and games! If you're anything like me, Spring time means full days will be spent at the ballpark.

Still, what should you pack for the upcoming baseball season? I’ve come up with a list of the top essentials that you’ll need here. My blog will include exactly what moms should bring for baseball season 2023.

Top Items Moms Need For Baseball Season 2023:

Whether you’re at the ballpark for a few hours or the whole day, here are some items you should have with you to keep yourself and your family ready and comfortable for baseball games and practices.

1. Food

Food is an important source of fuel for parents and kids at the ballpark. Include different types of snacks that will keep you and your ball player full and satisfied. Don’t forget to include some foods that you like too! I suggest bringing healthy options like apple slices, peanut butter, nuts, popcorn, and other easy-to-prepare foods.

2. Canopy/Umbrella

The next item on my list is essential for any mom that plans on staying at the ballpark for the day. I like to bring a portable umbrella with me to protect myself from the sun. This item is also great for rainy or windy weather days.

Smaller umbrellas are lightweight and easy to carry around. Still, if you do have room in your car you can also bring a canopy and set this up yourself.

3. Stadium Chair

Stadium chairs are a must for parents. No one wants to stay standing up for hours, especially if you’re going to the ballpark for the whole day. If you plan on resting in the bleachers a stadium chair is perfect for baseball season.

These chairs are comfortable and easy to fold up once you're ready to drive home. You can even get stadium chairs with cup holders and other custom features!

4. Cooling Towels

Cooling towels are great for kids who are working up a sweat while playing sports. These products will keep them comfortable in warmer weather and help them play longer during baseball spring training. You can get these off of Amazon for a pretty reasonable price. I also like to use these to cool down on hot days!

5. Portable Wagon

A portable wagon is one item I suggest all moms get for baseball games and practices. This is a definite lifesaver, especially when you’re transporting all your kids' sporting gear and supplies during baseball season.

You don’t want to lug everything to and from your car by hand. Portable wagons will save you time and energy and help you get everything to the ballpark in one trip.

6. Cooler

If you plan on bringing snacks and drinks, don’t forget a cooler. While this is a heavy item, with a wagon you shouldn’t have any issues getting your cooler to the ballpark. You want to keep everything fresh and ready to eat after your kids are done with baseball practice.

7. Sunscreen and Sunglasses

An umbrella or canopy can help protect you from the intense sun and heat, but don’t forget to pack sunscreen and other protective items. I also recommend bringing sunglasses and a hat during baseball season if you want to walk around and really take good videos of your kids without getting too much sun exposure.

8. Insulated Water Bottles

Moms can put some plastic water bottles in their coolers. A reusable water bottle, that is insulated, will keep your drinks cool even if you take them out into the sun. This will come in handy when your kids are out on the field. They can keep these bottles close by without the water heating up.

9. Portable Phone Battery Charger

I love taking pictures and videos of my kids while they are out on the baseball field. It's a great way to watch their progress throughout the season, and make some update posts on social media for my friends and family.

My phone battery doesn’t always last the whole day though. This is why I’ve added this next item to the list. If you need to charge your phone while you watch your kids make sure to bring one of these handy portable phone battery chargers.

10. Extra Baseball Gear

It’s unlikely that your kid's baseball bat or other gear will break, but it doesn’t hurt to have spare baseball gear for them to use. I like to have an extra set of everything when I take my kids to practices and games just to be on the safe side.

11. Baseball Bag

Having a baseball bag for your kid's gear will be a huge help this season. Not only will it keep their baseball bat safe, but it makes it easier to carry around their mitts, hats, and other essentials.

I also suggest having separate bags for food, chargers, and other items you plan on bringing. This way you aren’t just dumping everything into your portable wagon without organizing it.

12. Other Everyday Supplies

You can bring a lot of different everyday supplies with you to the ballpark. Personally, I like to bring wet wipes to clean up messes. You can also include paper plates, forks, napkins, tissues, hand sanitizer, zip-lock bags, trash bags, feminine products, a portable fan, extra money, a sweater, and anything else you think you might need.

13. First Aid Kit

Finally, don’t forget to bring a first aid kit and other medical supplies. As a parent, we don’t want our kids to get hurt, but there is a chance that they will get scrapped up or bruised during practice and games.

Having a first aid kit with Band-Aids, Neosporin, cold packs, gauze, painkillers, and other medical essentials is extremely important during baseball season!

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