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Summer Educational Resources: Best Ways to Prevent theSummer Slump

Summer vacation is right around the corner! For many parents, this is the perfect time to make plans and get our kids ready for those long summer months. Sunscreen, swimming gear, board games, sunglasses, and other fun items will be essential over the next few months.

However, while we’re all looking forward to enjoying the great weather with our kids and planning exciting summer activities, there are some downsides that need to be considered. Letting your kids have fun during the summer months is important, but they could lose valuable academic skills while they are on break. That’s why I suggest looking over summer educational resources ahead of time.

Preventing summer slump is possible! Your kids don’t have to stay inside all day or do intensive studying. With a few simple tips, you can keep your kids on track for academic success and prevent serious learning losses while they are away from school. I’ll talk about some of my best tips for preventing a summer slump below.

Six Tips to Prevent Summer Slump

1. Summer Reading Program At The Local Library

Reading is one of the most important skills your child will learn in school. During summer, they can lose up to 22 percent of their reading skills. Some kids might even be set back two months in reading skills during their break, which can have a huge impact on their academic success when school starts again!

There are tons of ways you can keep your kids reading during the summer. However, one of the best ways to have kids enjoy books is by visiting the library. Libraries are a great resource for parents and you don’t have to spend a dime.

I love taking my kids here while school is out. Plus, libraries have summer reading programs that will help encourage your kids to read more. Many of these local programs offer prizes and incentives for kids that complete their summer reading program. So, this can be a great way to get your kids excited to pick up a book!

2. Pizza Hut Book It Program

Another reading program I recommend trying this summer is the Pizza Hut Book It Program. Kids in pre-k to sixth grade can participate and sign-up online. Some great incentives and rewards can be redeemed once your kids' reading goals are met. At the end of the program, they will get a certificate that allows them to get a free pizza. Students and parents can also enter for a chance to win grant money for college or their school library.

3. Summer Bridge Activities Workbook

Reading skills are important, but you should also have your kids focus on other areas of learning. Once you have books picked out for leisure reading, I recommend getting Summer Bridge Activitity workbooks. These summer workbooks are affordable and effective, and they make summer learning way more manageable for parents.

You might not know what your kids need to look over while they are on break. Luckily, these workbooks make it easy and include everything your kids should review! They are grade specific and only require 15 minutes of studying each day.

4. Practice Math and Other Skills with Khan Academy

If your kids want a digital resource or you don’t want to spend money, try out Khan Academy. Khan has videos, worksheets, and tons of great online lessons. Your kids can look over Math, Science, Reading, History, and other topics that interest them.

Khan Academy does go more in-depth on learning topics than workbooks. So, learning from this source will take up more of your kid's time. This is a great option for summer learning and preventing summer slumps.

5. Enroll Your Kids in Fun Educational Summer Camps

Summer camps come in all shapes and sizes. There are even educational camps that will help your kids stay on top of their academics and help them nurture a love for learning. Depending on your kid's interests some summer camps might be better than others.

Overall this is a great way to keep your kids prepared for school in the fall. Look up local summer camps with your kids and ask them which ones they would like to join!

6. Do Fun Activities That Incorporate Math, Reading, and Language Skills

If you want to try more hands-on learning, I suggest planning summer activities that involve math, reading, and other important academic skills. Really, learning doesn’t have to be repetitive or solely book based. There are tons of fun activities you can do with your kids to keep them entertained and excited to learn.

For example, if you bake or cook, your kids will be reviewing basic math and reading skills as they figure out measurements and read recipes. Gardening is another educational activity you can try too. You can explain basic biology and other fun facts about science.

There are other fun learning options you can try out this summer. Just be creative and look online for more ideas.

7. Encourage Your Kids to be Creative and Open to Learning

Finally, as a parent, you should be encouraging your kids to think critically, be creative, and love learning. Workbooks, reading programs, and other activities are great ways to keep your kids involved with academics. The best way to help your kids prepare for school and have a successful future is by encouraging them with positive words.

When they start reading, creating art, or looking up information on their own, encourage them to explore what interests them. Nurturing that love for learning can have a huge impact later on in life and will prevent a summer slump.

Final Thoughts on Preventing Summer Slump

Your kids won’t be thrilled doing summer academic activities. Most kids will want to forget about school and keep their backpacks out of sight. If you want them to fully retain their math, reading, and language skills from the school year, you should keep your kids sharp with some educational activities.

I went over six educational activities and resources you should focus on this summer. Hopefully, this will help get you started for a fun but productive summer. Also, feel free to share your own resources and tips for preventing summer slumps below. I’d love to hear from you!

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