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Top Kid Friendly Ideas For Celebrating Black History Month

February marks the start of Black History Month. As a country, we’ll all come together to explore the important stories and contributions of African Americans. This month isn’t merely meant for adults. Your kids can also get involved in Black History Month this year!

As a parent, you might not know how to make Black History Month kid friendly. Still, it's our job as parents to educate our children and celebrate all the amazing accomplishments of African Americans. I’ll go over a few of my top tips for Black History Month and show you how your family can celebrate throughout February!

What is Black History Month?

What exactly is Black History Month and how did it begin? Black History Month is rooted in education and awareness of black history. In the early 20th century, not many people studied African American history or had any interest in it.

To combat this problem, historian Carter G. Woodson founded “Negro History Week” in 1915. He created this historic week to bring recognition to important African American figures in our history. As I mentioned, at the time black history wasn’t discussed in history books or textbooks.

This week helped educate people across the country and created a much-needed discourse around black history. Later on, this week was extended to a historical month in 1976.

This would be the start of Black History Month, which honors African Americans from a range of time periods and shows the importance of prominent black figures in American history.

How Can You Celebrate Black History Month With Your Kids?

If you need a little help figuring out how to celebrate Black History Month, read through my list of kid friendly Black History Month ideas below. I’ll be going over a few different options for February, but remember that these are only some of the things you can do during Black History Month.

1. Help Your Kids Understand the History of Black History Month

Helping your kids understand the importance and significance of Black History Month starts with education. You may not know where to start or how to educate your kids on this topic. I know I had a little trouble with this too when I first started celebrating Black History Month with my kids.

Discussing topics like history, race, and systemic discrimination require the right knowledge and information. Luckily, there are tons of amazing online sources that can help teach you and your kids about this historic month!

I personally recommend going on PBS, National Geographic Kids, and the Smithsonian Museum website. Here, you and your kids can watch kid friendly videos, participate in online activities, read blog posts catered towards kids, and learn more about the history and contributions of prominent African Americans.

2. Read Black History Month Themed Picture Books or Other Books

Online resources are great, but if you want to try a more hands-on approach, Black History Month-themed books are a great option. There are tons of books available for parents and children. It’s just a matter of finding a book that will interest your kids!

Picture books can be informative and entertaining. If you have older kids they might want to read chapter books or something that’s a little longer. I’ve found a list of top Black History Month books for you here.

3. Watch Kid-Friendly Black History Month Movies

If you have younger kids with a lot of energy, books might not capture their attention right away. Movies, on the other hand, can introduce your kids to African American history and keep them interested in Black History Month.

You can stream and rent tons of great kid friendly movies during Black History Month. The movies and shows you watch don’t just have to be about history either! For movie ideas check out this list of top kid friendly Black History Month movies here.

4. Make a Fun Art Project

Finally, consider doing something a little more interactive with your kids. Art projects are the perfect way to bond with your family and get creative. Black History Month and art go hand in hand. There are tons of inspiring black artists that have shaped the way we make art in America.

You can do a little research with your kids and craft your very own masterpieces together! I’ve found a few ideas to get you started at this link.

Why Should You Celebrate Black History Month With Your Kids?

Black History Month is a time for the whole community to come together and pay homage to the achievements of African Americans. I firmly believe that everyone should get involved this February. However, making sure our kids are a part of the celebration is the most important part of Black History Month.

If we want to create a better future for our kids and their kids, we need to start teaching them about equality, inclusion, and diversity during Black History Month. Remember that African American history is something that can be talked about year-round.

It’s not always comfortable having serious conversations with our kids, but the sooner we talk to them, the sooner they will understand why our country is the way it is, and how we can make improvements in the future!

How Can You Show Your Support For Black History Month?

All of the ideas I discussed above are great ways to support Black History Month and spread awareness about the amazing contributions of African Americans in this country. However, if you want to take things a step further and get more involved with Black History Month there are a few other ways you can show your support!

1. Make A Donation As a Family

You and your family can make a donation to Black History museums, organizations, and other initiatives that promote black history and education. Put the donation in your family's name to share your support and make your kids feel included. You can also look over this list for donation ideas!

2. Do Volunteer Work

Your money isn’t the only way you can show your support for Black History Month. Time is a valuable thing, and spending your time helping people in your community can help promote Black History Month. Search up local organizations in your area that support the black community, and see if they have any volunteer opportunities available this February.

3. Attend Local Black History Month Events

During February, you can attend a Black History Month event with your family. Your city or town should be hosting many different events to celebrate Black History Month. See which events you can attend and look online or in your local newspaper so you can make a plan!

Final Thoughts on Black History Month

While parents might not know how to celebrate Black History Month at first, there are tons of ways to make this national month kid friendly. I went over some of the best kid friendly ways you and your family can celebrate black history month this year.

If you have your own ideas and want to share them, feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from all of you about your thoughts on a family friendly Black History Month.

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